The bakery of the Oikonomidis family has been in the world of traditional baking since 1980. When the family moved from Athens to Schoinousa in 1997, they opened a bakery on the island.

The experience and the love of the father, baker of the family, which passes on to his children, offers a wide selection of sweet and savory delicacies made from the purest ingredients.

The day starts with inviting smells that emanate from freshly baked, kneaded bread, the pies of our mother Maria, and the fluffy tsoureki of Panagiotis with its different ingredients like raisins or delicious praline filling.

Do not hesitate to taste the traditional pies with local cheese “ksinomizithra” and fresh spearmint or the great, crispy “tiganopsomo” with feta or ksinomizithra.

Your breakfast can also include freshly baked cakes, cold sandwiches, ciabattas, or bagels filled with different types of cheese and cold meat cuts.

Traditional recipes made with love and care from generation to generation…

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